Your Ability to Manifest is Limitless


By the end of the masterclass you will be able to...

Train your ability to focus your thoughts and emotions to manifest what you want instead of what you don't want

Self-correct when things go "wrong" and prevent them from occurring in the future

Work and "do" less

Relax and enjoy more

See an increase in your productivity

Know within you that joy, abundance, health, and success is our natural state, not an exception

For a limited time...

I'm holding the doors open.

The first session of this mastermind starts on July 3rd but I've been led to keep the doors open until the second session on July 8th.



Because of you! 

I don't know you. Not yet. But I do know the type of person you are. I know that you are ready to make a change. You are wanting to make real progress towards your life goals and desires. You want to be happy and successful. And you want it without killing yourself to get there.


So don't delay!

Once we start session 2 on July 8th, the doors will be closed and no one else will be admitted. 

This is to ensure the sacredness of this container, respect the process I've created, and the journey of those who have committed to their growth alongside the other clients.

I Want to Claim My Seat Before the Doors Close

7 Live Virtual Workshops

Our group calls are the backbone of the class. Learn from the experiences and questions of your peers & build community with open-minded seekers.

Manifestation Workbook

Hone and perfect your manifestation skills by using leading-edge techniques every single day of the series. Print this workbook or write in your own journal. Either way, the results are undeniable.

Private Facebook Mastermind

The "LOA Mastermind Group" is a Facebook group started organically by my personal team where we share our manifestation experiences, coach each other through hardships, and inspire each other. When you join us, you also become a part of this tight-knit community! Welcome!

Bonus Law of Attraction Content

When you sign up, you get access to Attract Better, a premium Law of Attraction membership site packed with articles, tools, videos, and access to recordings of prior workshops. Even the knowledge-hungry student couldn't ask for more! But we want you to, so keep reading!

Access to Members Only Site

Access all of your benefits, downloadable content, and recordings of every workshop in the members only site. Can't make it to a workshop? No problem! Submit your questions or topics to be discussed on the workshop you'll be missing and watch the recording at your leisure.

You Are a Powerful Co-Creator & It's Time to Start Acting Like It

If you've made it here, its not a coincidence. Its not random or happenstance. You attracted this! When you study the Law of Attraction with us, you'll come to understand that everything happens for a reason and even more to make what you desire most happen!

I am Ready to Become a Powerful Manifestor
I am Ready to Become a Success Story

The Crew

Coach Asha Oya

Learn more about Asha on her Instagram @asha.oya.

Co-Host Jen Thomas

Learn more about Jen on her Instagram @butterflyreign.

Guest Speaker Caitlyn Howe

Learn more about Caitlyn on her Instagram @thequeenpoet.

Guest Speaker Ebony Mitchell

Learn more about Ebony on her Instagram @ebonyrose_333.

Guest Speaker Jason Romanowski

Learn more about Ebony on her Instagram @cloudonthefloat.

We are Here for You

Changing your entire life and re-programming your mind requires a community. We create that for you! Our community is safe, supportive, and fun! You don't have to do it alone. Join a group of powerful co-creators!

I Want to Secure My Seat at the Table

The Lessons

  • Learn the basics of the Law of Attraction
  • Solidify your daily practice
  • Learn how to cultivate pleasure in your life while reducing dissatisfaction, addiction, depression, and anxiety
  • Create your personal ethos which becomes a part of your daily routine to skyrocket your desires
  • Learn how to interpret the symbols and signs that are all around us so that you can understand the reality you're creating by default
I am Ready to Enroll & Change My Life