Do You Need Healers, Doctors, and Wellness Practitioners?

attract better doctor healer health law of attraction vibration Apr 13, 2021

As discussed in the article on illness, Illness indicates a vibrational discord between yourself and your inner being. Your inner being is well, joyful, and vital. Your inner being is constantly providing opportunities for you to come into alignment with it. When you make the choice to tap into the stream of feeling well-being versus not, you experience healing or recovery.

Healing is simply you realigning to the vibration of your inner being, who is forever and always well.

So what is the role of healers? What are they actually doing? Do we need them? Can I heal someone?

All wonderful questions I've been considering for almost a year, so lets dig in.

Those who offer healing services are able to hold the vibration of the client's wellness. They can see and feel the client's inner being who is well and they focus on that, instead of on the illness or misalignment. Their focus is so strong that the client (if they choose) can match the vibration and realize their own well-being.

Its like...your inner being is playing a song on a violin that is uniquely your song but you forgot what it sounds like and that's causing you illness. The practitioner (regardless of modality) can relax and tune into your inner being, hear your song, and play your song. Now your song is being amplified, which increases the likelihood of your hearing it and playing it yourself, which brings you back to inner being and to wellness.

The role of those in service to the health and well-being of others is to hold the vibration of wellness so that their clients can align to it and realize their wellness. The wellness and health professions vary on their execution of this. There is a lot of fear-based and reality-based processes and dialogue that really seems to work against the goal of the profession: which is to realize wellness.

The fact is, when you look at what is wrong, you can't see what is well. The practice of a conscious practitioner is to see the bouncing vitality in a wheelchair-bound woman, the precision focus of a blind man, the speed and agility of a paralyzed child, the strength and confidence of an anxious teenager.

Do you need a practitioner to heal you? No. Healing really isn't the best word for the shift in vibration that occurs. You can hold the image and feeling of your own perfect health and realize it without the help of anyone.

Practitioners grease the pan. They pre-heat the oven. They make the transition from the vibration of illness to the vibration of well-being easier. It's less about what they DO to or for you, and more about how they FEEL about you.

When your doctor feel confident, happy, and excited to talk to you about your health, you feel relief and can more easily allow your vibration to increase to that of your inner being. When your doctor feels hesitant, uncertain, confused, disappointed, or dismal about your health, its the worse feeling in the world and you feel even further away from well-being.

The role they have is so powerful. People place their lives in their hands, usually without considering their vibration. Be discerning about who you seek for care. Listen to your emotions and pay attention to theirs. Positivity, optimism, joy, and (dare I say) fun should be the tone.

If you are a practitioner, the best thing that you can do for your clients is to come into alignment with yourself, realize wellness in yourself, and express joy. When you do this, everything around you must come into vibrational alignment with that, even your clients.

I became Reiki II certified the summer of 2020. It was a part of a spiritual awakening I was realizing and I began to practice on others. Around fall and winter of 2020, I stopped practicing until now, Spring of 2021. I stopped because it didn't feel right. I had learned that "healers" weren't actually healing, that people didn't need healers to realize their wellness. I also felt that what I was doing and how I was going about it was off in some way that I couldn't put my finger on. So I set it aside. 

As I write this, I am in Costa Rica. In the week I have been here, I have realized another level of my spirituality and vibrational awareness. I am healthier, happier, and more aligned than I was when I started practicing energy work last year. I am being guided to move energy again and offer it to others and that excites me. It also had me thinking about my role as a practitioner and my relationship to my clients. 

Until everyone is vibrationally aware and in regular alignment with their inner being, there will always be a need for wellness practitioners of all modalities. We are not the answer or the key. We are the example. We are the monkey who the other monkeys mimic. We are not better. We are aligned.


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