The 14 Entrepreneurial Do’s

abraham-hicks attract better conditioning de-conditioning entrepreneurship law of attraction the law of asha Feb 28, 2021

This post was inspired by a post by @myuberlife titled, "14 Entrepreneurial Don'ts."

I love the premise behind this post and my writer's mind took it and ran with it.

What I've done is changed the language from one that focuses on what is not wanted to focusing on what one does want.

Why does that matter?

What we focus on is what we attract more of.

For example is you think "I don't want to be afraid of responsibility", you're going to attract more "fear of responsibility" even if that's not what you want.

Instead you'd want to think, "I can handle any responsibility" because you will attract "responsibilities that you can handle."

Language and the words we use are so important.

Pay attention and #attractbetter.

Keep smiling,

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